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What are the Best Countries for Relocation?

Working from home is an extreme luxury to have. And when we work from home in our own country, it’s stress free and easy. Unfortunately, if you should ever decide to relocate, working from home becomes more of an obstacle. In many countries, if you aren’t employed by a local company, they won’t issue you a working visa. But if long term immigration is your goal, there are some countries that make immigration easier than others. Here are a few of them:


Why you want to move there: Germany has one of the strongest economies in the world. And while many countries do not appreciate the value of small business and freelancing, Germany does.

What Germany offers for Freelancers: If you are a freelancer, there is a self-employment visa offered by Berlin. The Visa is for non-residents and is both affordable and accessible.

Things you will need to obtain a visa:

  • Proof of address through a rental contract. This will help to show that you intend to live in Berlin.
  • Health insurance and local bank account
  • Freelancers must show proof of German clients who intend to hire them for a specific period.
  • Evidence that you are who you are (diploma, resume, cover letter, portfolio, references, etc)

Downsides of freelancing in Germany : While there are many upsides to moving to Germany, the main downside is that you must live in the country for 5 years and write a German language test before you can gain permanent residency status. In addition, you must stay in Berlin until you obtain permanent residency, and dual residency is not an option. Cost of living and taxes in Germany are also high.

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Why you want to move there: Bangkok is a strongly desired location for freelancers and has everything you need in one country. Whether you like large cities (Bangkok), remote towns (Chiang Mai), or picturesque islands (Phuket), Thailand has something for everyone.

What Thailand offers for freelancers: The best way to obtain a work visa in Thailand is through the help of a proxy company. Proxy companies will hire you and then bill your clients and pay your taxes. In return, they take 30% from your invoice amounts. In addition, Thailand also allows “tourists” to work online. With that being said, this is not a long term option.

Things you will need to obtain a visa:

  • An invoice with a minimum monthly amount of $2500
  • An employment history and diploma proving higher education

Downsides of Freelancing in Thailand: The biggest downfall of relocating to Thailand is that only 100 citizens of each country can get permanent residence permits each year. Integration into the Thai culture can also be difficult as many people are hesitant to accept foreigners as one of their own. Political instability and corruption also run rampant in the country.

Buenos Aires for Digital Nomads

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Oh Canada!

Why you want to move there: Canada is known for being one of the most immigrant friendly (and overall friendly) countries in the world.

What Canada offers for Freelancers: Canada offers an Express Entry immigration system that doesn’t require you to have a job in Canada to obtain a visa. In fact, over 90% of invitations are offered to immigrants without job offers. Canada also offers a federal skilled worker program that opens the doors to immigration for the self-employed.

Things you will need to obtain a Visa: Canada works a little differently than some other countries. In order to obtain a visa you must pass an immigration test that is based on a scoring system. Points are based on:

  • Education and work experience
  • Language testing
  • Age
  • Additional factors

In order to obtain permission to apply, you must score at least 67/100. Other things you will need to apply for a Canadian visa include:

  • Medical examinations
  • Proof of funds (minimum $12 475)
  • Police checks

If you are accepted to apply, you can become a permanent resident to Canada upon arrival. Full residency options are open after 3 years.

Downfalls of freelancing in Canada: Compared to some other countries, the cost of living in Canada is more. In addition, climates and weather can be extreme. Another downfall is that you must be in good health to apply. If you have any chronic illnesses you will not be able to obtain residency status.

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Why you want to move there: Chile is a diverse country that is considered both safe and stable. The people here are incredibly friendly and the culture is rich.

What Chile offers for Freelancers: Chile offers multiple immigration options: the Rentier Visa and the Professional Visa. While there are additional visa options, they are more difficult to obtain and not recommended for freelancers. The biggest advantage of moving to Chile is the three year tax holiday that is offered on foreign income.

What you need to apply for a visa: What you will need to apply for a visa will largely depend on which type of visa you are applying for. Let’s take a look:

The Rentier Visa:

  • A passive income (at least $1000 per month) on top of your freelancing income

The Professional Visa

  • Higher education diploma
  • Local job offer

The downfalls of freelancing in Chile: Banking in Chile can be difficult until you obtain permanent resident status and proof of income. In addition, many Chilean cities are small and can be considered “boring”. The most developed city, Santiago, is overpopulated and expensive to live in. The country is far away from everything.

Best Countries and Visa options for Digital Nomads


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Why you want to move there: A better question would be, why wouldn’t you want to move to Spain!? Spain has a variety of cultures, diverse climates, amazing beaching opportunities, both big and small cities, and a low cost of living.

What Spain offers to Freelancers: Spain offers a “Residencia no lucrativa” visa.

What you need to obtain a visa:

  • Proof that you have 400% of a minimal Spanish salary for one year (at least  €30,000)       ⁃     You can add an additional 100% to this requirement for each additional family member.
  • Language test

Downfalls of freelancing in Spain: The biggest downfall of moving to Spain is the significant amount of money that you need to have before you can gain residency. You cannot obtain citizenship until you have lived there for 10 years.

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And there you have it! These are the countries that are most welcoming to Freelancers. Hopefully in

the near future other countries will follow suit and make it easier for us free souls to start working

around the world!


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