Wanna go to Medellin? What you should know before.

We do everything for our living. We earn to live. We eat to live. We drink to live. We love to live. Everything we are doing has some relationship for living. When it comes to living, it is a combination of so many factors. We can’t just live our lives. We need to live it happily and efficiently. To live with happy, there are some factors that are affecting. The place you live is one of the most important things that you should pay your attention if you want to spend a happy and nice life. There are millions of cities in the world. But where should you live? That depends on the country that you are going to live. If you are living in Columbia, then there are so many areas and cities available for living. Columbia is a country in South America and it is a nice country to live. As mentioned before, there are so many cities in Columbia which you can choose as your living place. But there are some important and lovely areas where you will prefer more to live. Medellin is one such city which you can choose as your living city.

Medellin is considered as the capital of Columbia’s mountainous Antioquia province and it is also called as “City of eternal spring”. There are about 3 million people living in this city and it is one of the most beautiful and loving places in Latin America. If you are going to live in some area, there are some factors that you should consider about. So if you are deciding to live in Medellin, you should compare those factors with the conditions and surroundings in Medellin. So following are some of those factors that you have to consider when deciding on a place to live.

Safety is the first thing

We all know that when it comes to choosing a place for living, it is really important to consider about the safety factor. Because sometimes you may shifting to this specific place with your children and family. So they should have a secured surrounding. So when we consider about the safety in Medellin, you do not have to worry at all. It is true that there were some issues in the early 90’s due the activities of people like Pablo Escobar. But now the situation has completely changed. All the people are living with happy and peacefully. But same as in all other cities, there is the threat of thieves. So it is better not to show your valuables in public. Otherwise it is a very safe city to live.

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Public transportation

Medellin has a very developed public transportation system. In fact it is the only city in Columbia which has the metro system running. So you can use that for your transportation purposes. Another important factor regarding the transportation system in Medellin is that the metro cable lines integrated in there. If you need to travel to the hillside, you can use the gondolas and it will be a very unique experience. In addition to these special cases, Medellin is full of taxies and buses which you can use in other cities too. So you will be not facing any trouble if you are not having a private vehicle. You can use the public transportation system in Medellin as your own.

Weather is a huge consideration

When it comes to choosing a place to live, weather is always a huge factor to consider. When we are considering about the weather in Medellin, it is really nice and you will not feel any discomfort. As mentioned before, Medellin is also called as the city of eternal spring and people have given that name for a reason. Usually there are two weather seasons rainy and dry. In rainy days you will be having a low temperatures and in the other season the temperature will be around 20 to 30 degrees Celsius and you will not be needing extra clothes over you. So there will be nice climate for you and your family in Medellin.

Cost of living

When it comes to the living cost in Medellin it is actually interesting. You will not have to spend much money if you are going to live in Medellin. You can rent a room or house for a very affordable price and when we compare that price for other cities, it is really low. When we consider about the food and beverages, they are also do not cost much and overall Medellin has one of the cheapest living costs in Latin America. So it will be really easy to adjust in Medellin.

Economy and job opportunities

Economy in Medellin is lot depends on the areas like tourism, clothing and other several industries. But if you are coming here as an expat, most of the time you will have to work online with your laptops and there are so many co-working spaces available. And if you want, you can work in cafes in Medellin and with that you can earn some money. And if you can fulfill the relevant requirements, you can start your own business and succeed in that. So it is a place of opportunities and you can spend a good life in there.

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Education for kids

You might be coming with your kids. No matter how long you are going to stay in Medellin, it is important to consider about the education of you kids. Medellin has so many schools and high schools for the education of your children. So they will be not losing anything related to education.

So overall Medellin is a great city to live and it is obvious with the above mentioned factors. And it is great expat city too. With the conditions in Medellin, anyone can come and adjust here so easily. So if you are thinking about a place to live away from your home country, Medellin is one of the best you can find in Columbia. So come to Medellin and make it your home away from home.


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