The Best Co-working Spaces in Bangkok – Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand is one of the top destinations for digital nomads. It tops the chart as it has one of the best climate, cheap houses, and co-working spaces for remote workers. Bangkok is a city that has an incredible and fascinating culture, friendly people and resources that will help you as a digital nomad to settle with ease in a transition to working independently. There are also so many recreational centers and plenty of cafes where you can choose to stay while performing your remote job.

There are different co-working spaces in Bangkok that makes it a perfect destination for telecommuters to meet like-minded people. The places that provide you a ground not to work in isolation include:

The Hive

The Hive is one of the most prominent co-working spaces in Thailand. It is an international co-working space as it has centers sprawled across the Asian continent including Singapore, Vietnam and Hong Kong. Its Bangkok branches are in Thonglor and Prakanong, which are a 6-floor building with significant spaces designed for remote working and relaxation.

It is incorporated with a rooftop garden and a bar for those that want to step back from work and unwind. Members of this co-working space are entitled to a foot and shoulder massages to ease away the stress accumulated during the workday.

Price: for part-time membership, the cost is 300 TBH per day or 2,800 per month.




Launchpad is a platform popular for the convergence of local tech events in the capital city of Thailand. This co-working space located in Sathorn has a friendly and energetic ambiance that enhances communication between digital nomads.

There are private offices and a game center where you can play video games. You can play with game consoles while relaxed in comfortable sofas to relieve yourself of the workday stress. In case you are hungry, there is a café adjacent to the co-working space operated by Roast Coffee & Eatery where you can treat yourself to foods and sandwiches.

Price: 320 TBH per day or 7,500 TBH per month.




Many digital nomads consider this co-working space as the first and most popular co-working space in Bangkok. This space is designed specifically for digital startups and remote workers.

There is the Ekkamai co-working space where you will get a relaxed feeling and have your productivity level enhanced. The environment is well naturally lit and has ergonomic office chairs to help you feel relaxed while working. There is a lush garden where you can enjoy a breather from working. Hubba also boasts of a fast and reliable internet connection that enables you to work with ease as a digital nomad.

Coworking Spaces Worldwide

Price: 250 TBH per day or 4,650 TBH per month.




Muchroom located at Saphan Khawi is a friendly and welcoming co-working space for digital nomads. It is a refurbished residence with a contemporary look that offers digital nomads a lounge, kitchen area and an outdoor garden for a spot to relax from work.

Price: 220 TBH per day



These are the best and professional co-working space that you can find in the lively capital city of Thailand. It will be an awesome experience if you get to use any of them. They have the appropriate features that will improve your creativity and performance as a digital nomad.


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