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Pros and Cons of Remote Working


Remote working is widely adopted globally hugely due to the benefits it has to offer. Some of the advantages of remote working include:

Pros of Remote Working

Cost Efficient

Working at home means there is no need to board transport systems to a place of work. This, in turn, means less money is expended on transport costs. This would help you save enough money for other uses. Another area that working from home helps save money is the wardrobe. Working from home doesn’t necessitate wearing formal clothes. You can wear informal clothes and perform your responsibility. There is no need of stuffing your wardrobe with formal wears.

Work at Your Own Will


Your employers or clients won’t be around to inspect you or at your neck barking up orders at you. You can work at your very own pace as long as you will finish your assigned task on or before the deadline. You can take a break; take care of other private matters, before completion of a task. You get to dictate the working rules. Working in your dream environment makes you more productive than the office workers.

Unlike in the office where you are bound to work from the desk, you can create your own working space in any available space in your home the way it suits you. It can be at the cyber café, backyard, at the public library or anywhere that you think would suit you.

Enough Time to Gain New Skills

This is only achievable when the time is managed properly as a remote worker. When you manage your work life at home rightly, you will avail yourself enough time and opportunity to acquire new skills. You can form the capacity of self-management. You will get to discover new information that nobody at the place may be able to give an answer to. You will develop yourself and make yourself more useful to your employer or yourself.

Well-Being Enhancement

Working virtually is known to minimize the level of employee stress. You will have enough time to create out from your schedule for exercising your body and going for medical check-ups. There will be an availability of an ample of time to engage yourself with other recreational activities to clear your head and improve creative thinking. You will have the chance to spend enough time with your loved ones and benefit from the pleasure and happiness associated with this. This will go a long way in enhancing your overall well-being.

Decreased Costs of Running Office

A real office requires increasing the staff and the office space alike. This involves spending more money both on the staff and on the office maintenance. Remote working provides you the ability to double up your virtual team without developing a headache how to cover the costs. It lifts the burden of having to foot the bills of the electricity costs, air conditioning costs, and meal costs.

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Communication Is Highly Effective

With technological advancements, the same rate of communication with working in offices is attainable at working from the home. With the 3G and 4G networks, one can send completed works at a reasonable pace to the employer.

Works That Can Be Done Remotely

In the present digital age, technological advancement has provided a platform as vast as possible where different persons can work from.  There are different jobs that can be executed from home using technology which includes but not limited to freelancing to customer service management, virtual assistance, and crowdsourcing.

Cons of Remote Working

Remote working just as promising as it sounds is not exempted from drawbacks like every other endeavour. Some of the disadvantages include

Difficult in Balancing Work/Life

Most remote workers venture working from their private space with the reason that they would be totally devoted to their personal life. This is quite difficult to achieve as you will hardly have hours specified to attend to your personal life. Your workspace and personal space can conflict and balance can tilt to either side. This can be attributed to the fact that you would be exposed to the tendency and habit of checking your mailbox for emails, and you may have unfinished works which you can find difficult to take your mind off from.

Lack of Workplace Social Life

It is without a doubt that interaction is done with clients virtually but this cannot be compared with associating with co-workers and clients at the office. Remote working traditionally involves isolation from the real world. Remote workers normally feel isolated and lonely. This is the reason why remote workers are most often seen in public places such as a coffee shop, recreational parks, etc. it makes them form a connection with the real world and offers them a sense of belonging, feeling and shared values.

Lack of Concentration

Working at home possibly means there are fewer measures erected to ensure that there is no form of distraction that will disrupt the course of work. Working at home exposes one to an unresisting urge to attend to certain private matters. Take, for example, if you have small children around, they can be very demanding of your attention.

You can also be tempted to switch on your TV to take a breather for some time which can culminate in more than the consuming much of your time than expected. You may also want to read the feeds on the social media and end up spending a reasonable amount of time on it which you should have used to performing your virtual obligations. These conditions can disrupt productivity and can be very inimical to your working from home. It only takes high self-discipline to work from home without succumbing to these distractions.

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Chances of Promotions Can Be Slim

The chances of one enhancing his career or gaining any promotion while working from home can be very tiny. Those working visibly at the office have an upper-hand when it comes to attaining these feats.

Deterioration of the Company’s Working Policy

Virtual working mitigates the closeness between the employees and the employer, and between the staff members. With communication becoming limited, the employees are prone to losing touch with the established policies of the company. These can lead to workers working below what is expected by the employer as some workers will find it difficult and challenging to adjust without close guidance.

There are lots of works that you can engage yourself with from home but you have to ensure that you are savvy enough to perform each of them on your own without little or no supervision.

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