How Yoga Can Help You Balance Your Busy Digital Nomad Lifestyle

For many people, they have set schedules and routines that drive their lives. But for those that work remotely, it requires more discipline for getting things done as well as flexibility for working different times each day. Trying to establish a bit of balance into a work schedule that seemingly has none is a challenge for all digital nomads.

Yoga is an excellent way to help put some balance back into your life and re-center yourself. Even if you’re short on time, adding a little yoga into your daily routine can help you become more productive. Here’s how it will help you.

1. It recharges the mind and body
Just because your morning commute involves heading into your home office from your living room doesn’t mean work isn’t a taxing experience. Working from home is work too, and if you have children you care for while you work, it’s beyond exhausting. Some people think you’re living the dream and indeed there are many benefits to working from home, however without social interaction and without caring for yourself it’s taxing. Yoga brings that back for you so take a moment in the morning before you begin your day and do a few calming poses to start your day with positivity.

2. It helps you stay on schedule
As mentioned, the digital nomad often gets to make their own schedule, though with kids and picking them up, dropping them off, errands and such, your schedule can vary even from day to day. Using yoga each day can help you stay on task though and stick to the general plan as much as is allowed. So if you set a basic routine of yoga when you rise, work, take the kids to the park and do whatever it is, you’ll find you’re better able to keep things organized which is the key to working from home.

3. It helps you grow personally
Digital nomads are a funny breed because while we enjoy our work from home and the benefits of being free from an office setting, it can make you feel socially outcast. Having your kids around is certainly joyous though no matter how much you love them, you need to be around other adults. Clearing your mind from the clutter helps you balance yourself out and find personal growth so that when you do get the chance to mingle with other adults, you’re not constantly talking about your kids.

4. It helps you unwind
And finally, yoga benefits remote workers by allowing them to unwind at the end of the day. You work from home and you live in the home and it can be hard to separate the two. Using yoga helps you create your own personal space wherever you are so you can channel positivity into your life. Ultimately, that benefits you, your work, and your family because it allows you to be the best of yourself.

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Have you tried yoga? What positions help you feel most centered?


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