How to maximize your productivity as a digital nomad

The digital nomad lifestyle is a dream come true for so most people. Travelling the world, getting paid and managing your own time, with no 9 to 5 job to worry about. However sometimes, the reality of managing your own workload can have a negative effect on your productivity.  At one end of the spectrum, working remotely can make us lazier. At the other, it can put huge pressure on us during busier times. When you’re on the road, what can you do to make your productivity skyrocket?

Set a schedule

If you’re working on a large project, setting a schedule is a great idea. Using hours or days, set out what you need to achieve in order of importance. This gives you a concrete agenda to work towards every hour, or every day. It also gives you the incentive you need to complete each task on time, and you could even reward yourself after each one!

Daily routine

Work out a failsafe daily routine, and stick to it! Try getting up at the same time everyday (even if it is tempting to stay in bed past 9am). Head out for a walk or a run, get breakfast, then get ready to work for a few hours. This leaves your afternoons free to relax. The best thing about having a daily routine is that you can do what works best for you. If you work best in the morning, set an early alarm. If you’re more productive in the evenings, set mornings aside for exploring instead.

Avoid procrastination

There are plenty of tools around now that can help to boost your productivity and stop procrastination in its tracks! Why not download a browser extension such as ‘Stay Focused’? This clever platform allows you to choose how long you’re allowed to spend on your favorite websites (like Facebook, Twitter or Buzzfeed). Once your time’s up, you’ll be forced to get on with your work! If you’re staying in a room with a safe, you could even lock your phone away to avoid further temptation!

Work/life balance

It’s always important to remember why you’ve embraced the digital nomad lifestyle. You wanted to travel and work, at the same time! There will always be busier times and quieter times, but try not to burn out when the pressure’s on. When you’re on the road, a healthy work-life balance is so important. Make time to take in your surroundings, meet new people and try new experiences. Remember, you’re managing your own time, so try to set aside at least a couple of hours everyday to do the things that you want to do.

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