Essentials for Digital Nomads

Digital nomads are people who work from independent locations using technology rather than working in a company’s office. These people telecommute to earn a living. They can work from anywhere ranging from their home, outside a country or within, public libraries etc.

In the process of digital nomads performing their duties, there are some essentials which they require in order to make their duty easy.

Debit/Credit Card

This monetary tool is issued by financial bodies to allow monetary transactions regardless of the location of the digital nomad. The bank will ensure that the digital nomad gets his money paid by the client wherever he is. As a telecommuter, you should try to acquire a debit card that doesn’t charge exorbitant fees during withdrawal of your proceeds at ATMs. There are credit cards that don’t charge fees for transactions abroad that you can secure.

An Accommodation

Accommodation is really important for a telecommuter. This is a designated place where he works from. It can be a better cafe, hotel room, a financial park etc. In choosing an accommodation there are some features you should ensure it has before securing it. The accommodation should be network friendly. Some areas do not have network coverage and this sort of loophole can be inimical to your digital career. Another checklist is the size of the place. It should be sizable enough to permit you to work.

Bank Account

Digital nomads need bank accounts for cross-border transactions. This is needed to receive payments from international or local clients. It can be an issue choosing a bank account with reference to running costs on transactions fees and exchange rates. Some banks charge higher fees for exchange rates and transactions. As a telecommuter, your income fluctuates, and when you don’t meet up with high charges, you can be in for a loss. The best bank account to choose is those that attract low or no fees for transactions.

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Other essentials of a digital nomad include travel backpack, laptop stand, noise cancelation headset, universal travel adapter, portable hard drive, clothing accessories, travel wallet, medical kit, and so forth. All these are some of the things you may need to make working at home more comfortable.


These are the basic essentials needed for a digital nomad. Working as a telecommuter can pose a challenge pertaining to accommodation, bank account, and debit card. Be sure to consider the tips discussed above before securing any of them.

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