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How to Deal with Feeling Lonely on your Travels

You are surrounded by people, but you feel so alone. If you are feeling this way, you are definitely not alone – especially if you are a digital nomad. Sometimes life on the road can be lonely, regardless of how many people are walking the streets around you. Here are some tips to help you beat the loneliness blues on your solo travel experiences:

  • Drink, eat, and sleep – Did you know that we often feel hungry when we are thirsty? This is a scientifically proven fact. Even as adults, we can confuse the feeling of thirst for hunger. So why should we think that any of our other emotions are any different? We can often confuse our physical needs for our emotional ones. So if you are feeling lonely – drink, eat, and get some rest. We assure you that you will wake up feeling better.
  • Acknowledge your feelings – You are feeling lonely. So what? Don’t you think that would be completely normal given that you are alone day after day? You are allowed to feel what you feel and you shouldn’t feel guilty for feeling it. Allow yourself to wallow in your own pity – for a day. Break out the pyjamas and ice cream, and let it all out in front of the tv. Then go to bed, wake up, and head towards your next great adventure.
  • Be your own best friend – “If you make friends with yourself, you will never be alone” – Maxwell Maltz. If you can’t enjoy your own company than you need to make some serious changes in yourself. Learn to be your own best friend. After all – you have a lot in common.
  • Be more social – This one seems obvious, but a lot of solo travelers are afraid to get out there and meet new people. Here are a few different ways you can meet people authentically on your travels:

⁃ Stay at a hostel – there will be plenty of other solo travelers there looking to make a new friend too

⁃ Couchsurf – Many community members open their homes to new people. And most people who do so are not opposed to showing you around the city or                         grabbing a bite.

⁃ Go on a tour – When you take tours you will be spending hours with strangers. Strike up a conversation and get to know them while you’re at it.

⁃ Take a local course or class

⁃  Volunteer

⁃  Go on a pub crawl

And remember, just because you are travelling alone doesn’t mean you need to be alone. There are plenty of ways that you can meet new people just like you – and chances are they have felt the loneliness blues too. But remember, there is no better friend to you than yourself. Learn to enjoy your “you” time and you will never be lonely.

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