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Co-Working Spaces in Vietnam

Needless to say the world is moving at a rapid rate, with the advancements in technology and all other numerous innovations, bringing people together, at least remotely, thus promoting the virtual presence and virtual foot prints of the people. New concepts are emerging for the same purpose of empowering remote working, and remote workplaces, facilitating people to work for agreed business outcomes across continents.

Co-working and Digital Nomads would be identified as two of such novel concepts. Coworking is a style of working at shared workplaces, by people who are self employed or working for different employees, doing independent work, at coworking spaces, which are shared workstations.  Whereas, the Digital Nomads are type of people who use telecommunication technologies to earn for a living and more generally, to lead a nomadic life, working from remote locations or countries, often by been at coffee shops, Recreational vehicles and even libraries.

Vietnam, a high potential entity with a growing economy, although is an innate socialist oriented economy, is a well famed location for coworking spaces.Let us now extend our attention towards the coworking spaces, Vietnam.

The cheap living, friendly locals coupled with the growing trend of mix cultures from the arriving tourists, has eventually resulted in Vietnam been a major player with regard to this and thus providing a huge number of coworking spaces, Vietnam.

Statistically speaking, it is just about 1 in every 2 people only who are connected to the internet, from its 93 million of inhabitants whereas the percentage of people using social media sites such as Facebook is understandably even lower. However, as a result of the same, coworking spaces, in Vietnam are popping up at a massive rate, with rather advantageous benefits for the users. The inception of the ‘OnOnPay’ incubation hubs for online top up of mobile phones can be highlighted as an output regarding this massive outbreak of coworking spaces, Vietnam.

Furthermore, the low internet access rates and rather faster internet speeds, at least in critical major cities have resulted in the Digital Nomad lifestyles to improve drastically as well.

The below could be noted down as a few cities with rapidly increasing coworking spaces, in Vietnam

  • The capital city, Hanoi
  • Da Nang
  • Ho Chi Minh city
  • Hoi An
  • Hue City

Ho Chi Minh City (then known as Saigon) is the home for the largest coworking space, in Vietnam whereas the other cities such as Hanoi and Da Nang, although have large numbers of coworking spaces, the focus is more towards the ‘feng shui’ aspect of the spaces.

While there are quite a few number of agencies and companies providing the coworking spaces, spreaded out among the major cities mentioned above, where the coworking in Vietnam is significantly prominent, the intensity to which they are operated and engaged may vary from company to company and even from city to city.

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These coworking spaces, Vietnam will typically host at least a 20 to 25 people per night, especially in Ho Chi Minh, and this is among the thousands of spaces available for the same, within the city. Thus, you can imagine the gravity of coworking  and coworking  spaces in Vietnam.

If you decide to settle in the city of Ho Chi Minh, my suggestion to you would be to pick the District 1, also known as the Central district, or even the District which would certainly be good places to take part in a bit of coworking.

There are quite a few advantageous and benefits of moving from traditional work places, and in to coworking spaces in general. A few of which could be named as the ability to have a creative workspace, as you can focus on a stress free environment, ability to possess and enjoy modern day meeting rooms, convenient logistic facilities such as the kitchen and wash rooms, end most importantly the super fast internet services.

To share with you a few of the companies which facilitate providing the coworkspaces, Vietnam as this would be equally beneficial as much as knowing the very importance of coworking spaces.

Dreamplex: These are mainly, a top class and a leading coworking space provider in the whole of Vietnam, especially in to the entrepreneurship and when it comes to start ups. In fact, it is not only for the start ups , but also for the creative designers, analysts, research scientists, investors  and IT consultants, as Dreamplex  often provide you with very creatively designed workspaces. They also have an external staff, focused on providing support services such as finance, legal and even IT, towards the coworking staff.

Saigon: This of course is one of the very first coworking spaces to have been initiated in the Ho Chi Ming city, is rather a relatively low cost space, however, with quite calm and refreshing environments. This 24 hour and 7 day available scheme, also facilitates extra staff implemented by the Saigon, and additional services such as finance, IT related and even Audit related.

Fablab:  Fablab is a small scale coworking space aimed at providing everything to the clients under one roof. They offer cafes, makerspace and coworking spaces.

Pepper House: The Pepper house been yet another coworking space largely available in Ho Chi Ming city, is a place that offers to stay in and work, especially with regard to entrepreneurship and a business related client base. Quite known to its customer as a good place to relax and calm down and chill, while at the same time you are also engaged in the work.

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Start Saigon: This is another coworking space entity site, with the only difference from the regular Saigon, is as the start Saigon, is mainly in to the business of Information Technology etc.

Either way, irrespective of the places available for coworking, at the end of the day, it is quite essential to ensure that the cowoking space, in Vietnam is undergoing through effective and efficient tools to yield the best results from the same and also to ensure to the proper usage of the coworking spaces and digital nomads, towards creating better workplaces.



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