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14 remote jobs you can start right now

Here is a list of jobs that you can do remotely.


Becoming a translator requires a high proficiency in speaking and writing more than one or more languages. This is one of the most sought-after remote jobs and workers are guaranteed of generating a substantial amount of income from this job. For example, if you are Spanish and are savvy with the English language, you can translate Spanish to English for an agreed upon sum of money between you and your clientele.

Translators can get hired by a translating company, or translate WebPages, books and translate news articles.


Freelancing entails earning money by selling your work and services to different organizations. This type of work allows you to be self-employed rather than working as an employee of a company. There is an abundance of opportunities in the freelancing world. From virtual assistance, content writer, and lots of them, you can select any and dedicate your time and resources to it.

You can operate from your home using any of the freelancing platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork or Freelancer. These platforms serve as virtual marketplaces where you will get to meet clients to offer them your work and services. This is one unique and stress-free way of making your bucks.

Customer Service Management

There are companies, especially online retailers that hire individuals to help manage their customer care requests. These individuals charged with this responsibility are meant to sit at home and attend to questions from customers on and provide needed clarifications to them.

A customer service agent can execute his assigned role by responding to fielded questions through emails, live chat or through telephone calls. Presently, with the adoption of the social media by companies in engaging and enhancing customers’ relationship, more hands are needed to help them with this task.

With a skill or experience in customer service, you can take up the job and make your earnings from the very comfort of your home.

E-Book Publisher

With the availability of online bookstores, many people are now switching over to the internet rather than the conventional bookstores to buy soft copy books. The internet has boundless and unlimited space to accommodate E-book authors. Authors can publish their book(s) on the internet for purchase.

Publishing is accompanied by strong marketing. There are billions if not millions of books on the internet. This means there are lots of other authors competing with you in this niche. For you to make a headway you have to position your e-book the way it will attract the needed attention.


This is one of the remote works that generate sufficient income. A programmer is highly demanded in our society today. One can get well grounded in this endeavor by enrolling for programming courses and tutorials. Programming is not easy to learn but with dedication, self-discipline and the right learning materials, you are sure of getting acquainted with it. You can learn it yourself by getting videos from the internet and programming e-books. This is one remote job that you can work from anywhere and make earns meet.

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Online Tutor

In the western and some other parts of the world, online teaching is the trend and is gaining significant recognition as each day passes by. You can create a website and use it as a platform to pass knowledge to those in need of it. You can teach various subjects such as cooking, self-motivation, counseling and lots of them.

You can also use your proficiency in certain languages to earn money for yourself. It could be English, French, German or Spanish. With a deep and sound knowledge in any of these languages, you can generate an income teaching any of them.

Affiliate Marketing

Do you know that you can generate money simply by recommending products to a targeted audience? What you need is to own a website with enough traffic. With these at hand, you can publish products on your website for the visitors to see and buy. This form of marketing is performance-based. The affiliate marketer or the publisher is being paid by the company owning the product based on the number of people referred to buy the product.

With an effective marketing strategy and hard work, you would see yourself raking in enough money from your home space.


If you are a seller, you can circumvent the rigorous process of securing an offline shop to sell your products. You can simply develop an online store and place your products on it for sale. There are prominent stores that are benefiting from this such as Amazon and eBay.

In a situation where you can’t build an online store for yourself, you can join eBay or Amazon and sell your products. You require little capital to start this and be rest assured that with a very demanding and competitive product and proper marketing strategy, you will make enough money from your home or anywhere.


One can make a genuine living by sharing opinions and discussing various topics on a blog. There are many bloggers today who are making a decent living just by putting up contents on their blog. Without an unflinching desire, one can rarely run a blog. Running a blog and making an income from it is not done overnight. Simply put, running a blog is difficult, challenging and daunting.

Starting a blog and gaining popularity entirely requires a deep knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO), and content and article writing.


You can start an online consulting firm for any type of industry. There are different industries today that solicit the services of consulting firms. You may be working as a consultant already, you can spread your tentacles on the cyberspace. You can be law, marketing, human resource consultant or any other area that you deem that you are conversant with. No better way to make a living as a consultant than to run your business from home and attend to other responsibilities that beg for your attention.

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Web/Graphic Designing

An ability to design logos, signs, and websites can earn you the privilege of becoming a remote worker. You can work on freelancing websites where you will get to meet clients and offer them these web services. You should have an outstanding skill in this field to beat your rivals and climb the top of the chain. This will ensure that your services will be highly sought for.

In the modern world, every business needs a website to operate, hence, the huge demand for web and graphic designers. This creates an opportunity that you can benefit from. With a desktop or laptop, you are good to go in becoming a website or graphic designer earning your money without much hassle.

Virtual Assistant

laptop, desk, coffee, wood, plant

A virtual assistant helps a firm, company, individual to manage their tasks. Most times companies and individuals are faces with many tasks to tackle within a short span of time. It is now for them to secure the services of a virtual assistant whom they would source some tasks. With a laptop, an internet connection and space in your home or anywhere, your office is set up. You just have to help manage your client’s task before the deadline. You can help manage tasks from your bed, a beach, or anywhere.

Email Marketer

Many companies use email marketing to gain recognition. They design email advertising campaigns, managing subscriber lists. These are done to maximize their customer base. An email marketer can help them achieve this specific goal. All you need is a profound public relations skill, marketing skills and a dab hand with graphic and web design. With these listed above, you can stay at any place of your choice and source for customers for your employer which eventually you get paid for.

App Developer

Millions of Mobile applications are being developed every day to help users accomplish specific tasks. You can design mobile applications both for Android and iPhone devices from anywhere. Merely with the adequate knowledge, internet connection and design software you are set to create your own mobile application.

Technology has been providing increasing opportunities as it gains popularity. These job opportunities that it provides are what you can exploit to make earns meet without subjecting yourself to much stress.

Bear it in mind that having a successful remote job is all about finding that job that you are highly conversant with. With creativity, hard work and luck, you are definitely going to make the best use of today’s technological advancement to your own betterment.

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